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The Hecht Company, last of DC's department stores

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General Anson Mills And His Office Building on Pennsylvania Avenue

A Closer Look: F Street, heart of the old downtown, in the 19th century

W.B. Moses & Sons, once Washington's largest furniture store

The Portland, Washington's first luxury apartment house

Thomas Pickford and the Toronto Apartments in Dupont Circle

The Drama of the Civil War at the Patent Office

The Old Patent Office Building, the city's first national museum

The many lives of the stately Old Masonic Temple

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The Eisenhower Executive Office Building, America's "Greatest Monstrosity"

The Pension Building, Montgomery Meigs' Eccentric Masterpiece

The Washington Post's historic home on Rum Row

The Oldest National Bank in the District

The Old Post Office, a stand-out on Pennsylvania Avenue

A walk down Connecticut Avenue, circa 1907

The Evening Star Building, Home to a Great Afternoon Newspaper

Victor Evans, Patent Attorney Extraordinaire