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The 200-year-old U.S. Botanic Garden in Early Pictures

The Long and Colorful History of the 14th Street Bridge(s)

A Closer Look: Washington's Notorious Rum Row, circa 1880

Douglas Row: the lost homes of politicians, generals, war wounded, and orphans

A Closer Look: F Street, heart of the old downtown, in the 19th century

The Washington Arsenal's Explosive History

A closer look: The frigid second inauguration of Ulysses S. Grant

A closer look: Omnibus on 15th Street, circa 1860

A closer look: Facing east from the Capitol, circa 1875

The Drama of the Civil War at the Patent Office

The many lives of the stately Old Masonic Temple

A Stern George Washington in Washington Circle

The Pension Building, Montgomery Meigs' Eccentric Masterpiece

On Pennsylvania Ave, Georgetown's other aqueduct bridge

The statue in the center of Lafayette Square

Briefly noted: Lincoln Hall